Thursday, 28 May 2009

Is teaching any different than most other careers in its need to have e-literate people?

In 2006 a BBC report stated that "it is predicted that 90% of all new jobs require some knowledge of technology", ( and "Unless people have a degree of engagement with technology, they are going to get left behind" Alun Burge
As with any other new gizmo, (photocopiers, OHPs, cameras, video, computers...), we have to find innovative, but educationally sound ways of using these technological advances. I’m in my late forties now and I remember having to show the tutor for a course I attended some 15 years ago, how to cue up the DVD he had been given to show us.

Granted, these technological advances have moved forward at an exponential pace over the last 10 years but we are now faced with a generation who expect to be wowed by exciting learning experiences. Many may not want to do work on a computer or see the relevance of technology in their future, but they all use this technology when they communicate with friends via social networking sites, use their mobile phones, mp3/4 players, gaming devices or when they purchase the latest fashion trend online.

I don't think it’s about e-teaching, it’s still teaching, indeed it’s still learning, (I have purposefully avoided adding just), using the latest technology, and teaching is about enthusing your students sufficiently to want to learn, by what ever appropriate means you have at your disposal.

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